If You Think Midmarket Companies Aren’t Targets, Think Again

The COVID-19 pandemic fueled revolutionary technological adoption. It also bred a new generation of cyberthreats. Midmarket companies trying to keep pace with enterprises can’t afford to slow down due to cybersecurity failures. With the number of data breaches on the rise each year, today could be your last chance to start getting managed cybersecurity right.

Why Managed Cybersecurity: By the Numbers

All statistics from the 2020 IBM/Ponemon Global Cost of Data Breach Study.

Average Time It Takes to Identify and Contain a Breach

280 Days

Customers’ PII is Frequently Compromised, Costing$150 Per Record

Average Cost of Breach for Midmarket Companies was$3.63 Million in 2020

Most Affected Businesses Experience 3 to 14 days of Downtime

Creating a Cybersecurity Program from the Ground Up is Overwhelming

Cybersecurity has officially escalated to the boardroom and become a critical element to the survivability of every business. Typical cybersecurity programs are merely a collection of policies and software. Strategic CISOs are creating programs that ingest events from core infrastructure, absorb the complexities found by vulnerability assessments, and detect and remediate threats 24x7x365. They know that creating an in-house cyber program they can be confident in is impractical given:

  • The widening cybersecurity skill gap.
  • The countless amount of alerts that need to be parsed.
  • Unclear problem identification in their legacy systems.
  • The increased sophistication of cyberattacks.
  • Increasingly stringent compliance standards.
  • The expense required to hire and retain key talent.

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