What Si2 Tech Cyber Program Management Brings to You

The best place to start addressing your cyber security programs is not with a tool, or ad hoc policies, but with a cybersecurity strategy that incorporates your company structure, your company mission, and your company goals. Cyber Program Management was built with the understanding that CISOs are under pressure to align cyber security programs to business needs, reduce risk, and report to their executive peers and their board on program development and investment impact.

Cyber Security Model Assessment

Get a comprehensive understanding of your environment’s risk exposure with a quantifiable score, executive-level report, and recommendations for achieving higher levels of security maturity.

Firewall Audit

Improve firewall performance and reduce risk by leveraging Si2 Tech deep networking knowledge.

Virtual CISO (vCISO) Consulting Hours

Si2 Tech delivers a compelling virtual CISO service, which resonates with customers in heavily regulated environments that don’t have the resources to build their own security teams.

Regulatory Compliance Assessment

Strategically improve your compliance with an assessment that identifies gaps between your existing environment and what is required.

End-User Security Awareness Training

Deliver up-to-date training for employees through compelling and digestible content. Key training topics typically include password management, privacy, email/phishing security, web/internet security, and physical and office security.

Email Phishing Simulations

Si2 Tech provides scheduled Phishing Security Tests (PST) from our large library of more than 5,000 “known-to-work” templates.

Transparency + Ownership

Unlike many cyber security program providers, our customers own their data. This means that customers have the autonomy to take their data with them and do not lose their security history if they choose to go in-house or with another provider for cyber program management.

Automated Executive-Level Metrics and Reporting

C-Level reporting of cyber program management services and security metrics delivered automatically.

Reciprocity with Other Services

Complements other Si2 Tech cybersecurity services, such as Managed Detection & Response and Continuous Vulnerability Management.


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