Si2 Tech provides bookkeeping services to CPA firms so that this time-consuming task can be performed in a cost-efficient manner. Indian accounting talent can help you achieve significant cost competitiveness in price-sensitive accounting and bookkeeping market.

Indian Chartered Accountants (CAs) are highly competent and respected world-over. To get the qualification, they need to pass through a rigorous examination process and have Apprenticeship experience of three years with a practicing CA.

We have competent CAs, Inter-CAs and Master of Commerce (M. Com) staff to provide you top class book-keeping service. On top of the usual book-keeping, we also provide Profitability, Balance Sheet and Cashflow statements. Our accounting team works with clients and prepare mid-year, quarterly or monthly account closing activities, so that interim Accounts Statements are available for better financial visibility of the business. We also provide value-added MIS services as per client requirement.

We work with clients to understand their business processes and review prior accounting records to ensure seamless migration. We also support clients in setting up Chart of Accounts and Accounting Masters. We work on your preferred accounting software.

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