Remote SOC

Full Threat Visibility is the Only Guarantee Against Cyber Risks

Threats are everywhere, and there is a lot at stake for your business. CISOs nationwide are on alert about protecting their banks of systems, data, sensitive internal communications, personal identifiable information, financial assets, brand data, customer data, and intellectual property. It’s not enough to collect logs and alerts on possible breaches. Security leaders need increased visibility into their environments to help them detect, investigate, and respond to threats.

Sheer Volume of Data to Monitor is Unimaginable

The sheer volume of data that is available these days makes effective detection and remediation an impossibility. While some automation is used, managed detection and response services usually involve humans to monitor your network round the clock. But the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education reported that, as of January 2019, the US faces a shortfall of some 314,000 cybersecurity professionals, meaning businesses are facing a debilitating shortage of cyber response talent.

It’s 3 AM. Who’s Watching Your Assets?

Do you have measures in place to detect security breaches before they happen?
Do you collect real-time information on security events within your infrastructure?
Is the sheer volume of logs and alerts produced by systems difficult to manage?
Do you want to reduce your spend on security management?

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