Remote Infrastructure Management

Remote infrastructure management is the remote management of information technology infrastructure. This can include the management of computer hardware and software, such as workstations, servers, network devices, storage devices, IT security devices, etc. of a company.

We take complete responsibility for maintaining your IT Infrastructure with our Structured & Certified Infrastructure team.

  • Monitor your mission-critical servers & network’s availability, round the clock
  • Manage your IT infrastructure with today’s need & tomorrow’s readiness
  • Support configuring & Managing your network and security appliances
  • Maintain Up-to-date OS Patches, Anti-Virus definition, and lot more.

Today, business houses are focused on optimizing IT infrastructure and operations to deliver improved service levels while ensuring excellence and security. Data centers are located remotely, Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) is one of the most sought after alternatives for organizations looking to optimize and scale up IT infrastructure. Si2 technologies covers a complete stack of technology operations for RIM – covering workstations, servers, storage, networking, middleware, database and enterprise applications. While delivering RIM services, si2 technologies focus on Automation. Si2 technologies Automation Edge is aimed at building a strong business case for Automation in IT. With transparent analysis, ROI calculations, and technical feasibility – our solution helps you with the automation of support systems, business applications, and business needs.

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