US Taxation

We provide end-to-end support to CPA firms in preparing tax returns. Our expert team works on documents and supporting records that taxpayers have sent you for tax return preparation and submits you completed tax returns for final review. All tax returns pass through 2 levels of quality checks by our qualified Enrolled Agents and other competent tax preparation staff, before they are sent for your final review and tax filing.

This results in up to 90%-time savings for you, so that you can focus on things that matter the most and utilize the freed-up time in expanding your clientele.

We prepare all major types of Tax Returns, namely 1040 (Individual), 1041 (Estates and Trusts), 1065 (Partnership), 1120-S (S Corporation) and 1120 (C Corporation).

We understand criticality of confidential client documents. Hence, Documents will always remain under your control, and access to our tax preparation staff will be revoked as soon as you accept our final product. We also assist CPA firms in organized and indexed storage of tax documents on their servers, so that required documents can be easily retrieved whenever required.

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