SAP SD (Sales & Distribution)

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is essential module of SAP ERP and a part of Supply Chain Management (SCM). It covers business processes in the area of sales, shipping and billing. It is also highly integrated with other SAP modules called Materials Management (MM) & Production Planning and Finance and Controlling.

In SI2 technologies, we do have opportunities where challenge seeking enthusiasts can explore most of the SAP SD functions with best practices. In SAP SD, along with basic processes, we cover almost all the special processes like inter-company sales, third party sales, consignment sales, stock transfer orders, variant configuration, credit management, batch management, returns, multiple interface with other SAP Tools as well as third party tools.

One can enrich his/her knowledge and exposure along with highly experienced professionals. Clients are using SAP for last more than 12+ years that has developed high maturity level of business users and that offers working environment of best standard to the IT professionals. Client has business presence in different geographies like US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, Japan Korea, China, Taiwan, India etc.

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