Salesforce Lightning migration is one of the most popular topics among salesforce professionals. All classic Salesforce users will be automatically moved to Lightning experience on Jan, 2020. Still, there will be a way to switch back to the classic version, companies are in a hurry to migrate towards Salesforce Lightning migration.  

Why do we need Migration? 

You must have understood this already that you can’t keep the old interface for always. Salesforce lightning was introduced back in 2015 with a new version of Salesforce.  

Salesforce has been convincing organizations for a long time to switch their existing interface to the new one. The updates are not forced on anyone, as you can still use the Classic version after update.  

This must be a tingle upon your decision makers to be ready for the new lightning version and start training your users for this.  

There is no official announcement when the classic version will lose its official support, but you should not be waiting for this event. Or one day, you will be seeing that Salesforce Org has stopped working and your team has no clue about how to handle the standard migration process.  

Few more reasons for Migrating to Lightning are  

  1. No new Updates & features for Salesforce Classic  
  1. Missing a lot of productivity features and improvements. 
  1. Increases Team productivity up to 25x.  
  1. Reduce Costs on Custom Development and App Support. 
  1. Switching to Salesforce Lightning Requires a minimum of at least Six Weeks. 

Why Si2Tech for Salesforce Lightning Migration? 

  • We are market leaders in Salesforce Lightning.  
  • With us you won’t just get a team of professionals but will also get a community to build effective Lightning components.  
  • Si2 Tech follows standard procedures to migrate and implement custom development in Lightning platform with respect to your existing business needs.  
  • Our certified experts stay up to date with the latest trends and releases in the market and keep implementing them to provide the best experience for our customers.  
  • Mobile Collaboration: Collaborate from your device, mobile devices and wearables with device aware & cross browser Lightning compatibility.  
  • Conversion Planning Workshop: Planning workshop to brief over conversion plan and propose UI/UX sprints.  
  • Knowledge Sharing: Knowledge sharing exercises are seen for easier adoption of the enhanced Lightning features across the organization.  

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