Salesforce Revenue Cloud brings a lot of Salesforce products to the organization (Salesforce CPQ & Billing). These products help in creating a robust sales engine which also provides the following features.  

  1. Subscriptions 
  1. Recurring Revenue  
  1. Consumption-based models. 

Salesforce Revenue Cloud enables the businesses to make the buying process faster & easier and improve revenue efficiency plus accelerate new revenue streams.  

This helps in taking control over every revenue channel and bringing it together.

Salesforce Revenue Cloud
Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Revenue channel (Infographics) (CPQ and Billing, Partner Relationship Management (PRM), and B2B Commerce capabilities, multi-cloud billing, Customer asset lifecycle management, and Connector for CPQ) 

Salesforce Revenue Cloud is a part of Salesforce Customer 360 Platform which allows companies to connect their sales, partner, operations and finance team to create a unified source of truth for revenue and customer transactions (purchase to renewal, revenue recognition). 

Singular access to multiple channels enhances customer lifecycle management for smooth customer experience.  

Benefits of Salesforce Revenue Cloud   

An integrated solution with a single access point 

There will be no requirement of separate applications to retrieve your information. With SRC, you will be able to access any form of information in a single unified place.  

Gives you access to information, across the entire organization, from anywhere 

Not just access to information has become easier, but with SRC you can access any feature/ application throughout the world.  

Increases time to value 

The streamlined processes of SRC help in reducing precious time and identifies new methods to increase revenue by creating new products and services, facilitating collaboration across departments.  

Automated features eliminate manual workload 

Automation features of Revenue Cloud reduces the manual work of the team like transcription of orders from systems to system and data reconciliation. 

The new & advance customer asset lifecycle management tool eliminates the manual order forms and replaces it with a visual dashboard to show relevant details. It also keeps track of contracts and balances to provide a clear understanding of customer interaction.  

Why Choose Us?  

  • We at Si2Tech are specialized in the implementation & integration of Salesforce solutions.  
  • We have more than 4 years of experienced as a team & certified Salesforce professionals.  
  • We create customized solutions for clients’ inflexible models as per their requirements.  
  • With us, you can reduce the time of salesforce projects no matter how complex it is.  

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