This blog post will explain in detail the step-by-step procedure to set up a User Defined Message Search Configuration in SAP PI/PO. This will be applicable on Release 750 and above. 

Create a User-Defined Search in PO 7.5

Step 1 : First open the PI homepage 


*Follow the highlighted text : Click on Configuration and Monitoring Home 

Step2: Look for User Defined Message Search Configuration in the Adapter Engine Subtab 

Step3: Click on the highlighted button ‘New’ 

Now create the Filters as per the requirement including the interface name and other mandatory details such as Sender Component, Receiver Component, Interface Name, and Namespace. 

Once the Filter is created , don’t forget to change the status to ‘ACTIVE’  

After the filter creation the next step is to create search criteria using Xpath: This will locate the Key Field from the payload. 

Note: Make sure to use the value exactly from Xpath along with the correct prefix. Prefix and Xpath could be N1 or P1 

If needed, the prefixes also can be used by using the adjacent tab.


To enable a previously processed messages indexing is needed. This will index all the messges under the observation and make the search works faster. It is advisable to INDEX the messages. 

The INDEXING option is allocated right among the top most tabs: 

An indexing job id will be automatically created when Indexing is started. 

Final Product will look like this :